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Project Group A

A1 E Fundamental Studies (2004-2007)
Dr.-Ing. K. Windt (Production Engineering)
A2 E Sustainable Management (2004-2007)
A3 E Monitoring of Autonomous Systems (2008-2012)
A4 E Rule-based Graph Transformation (2008-2012)
Prof. Dr. H.-J. Kreowski (Computer Science)
A5 E Dynamics of Autonomous Systems (2008-2012)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. B. Scholz-Reiter (Production Engineering)
Dr. S. Dashkovskiy (Mathematics)
A6 E Control-theoretic Modeling (2008-2012)
Prof. Dr. N.A. Duffie (Mechanical Engineering)
A7 E Autonomous product construction cycle (2008-2012)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. K. Windt (Engineering)