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A6 - Control-theoretic modeling and analysis of autonomous control in highly-distributed, uncertain production environments (new)

Prof. Dr. Neil A. Duffie

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Mechanical Engineering
1513 University Avenue, 53706-1572 Madison, WI, United States
Tel: +1 608 262 9457, Fax: +1 608 265 2316
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Approach Phase 2 (2008-2011)

Control-theoretic methods will be used to model and analyze the dynamic behavior of production networks in which individual work systems have high levels of autonomous local control. Detailed simulation models will be used to assess the fidelity of the con-trol-theoretic models developed. The results will be used to improve the fidelity of the control-theoretic models and to guide synthesis of new heuristics and logic, to be em-bedded in distributed logistics control for production networks that guarantee perform-ance in the presence of uncertainty.

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This subproject is funded in part by the executing University
and in part by the National Science Foundation,
United States